Reputation Risk Management

Reputational Risk Management

Plan for a crisis before it occurs.

You answer the phone and hear, “This is Susan Reynolds and I’m a reporter for the Daily Journal. We just received a tip from the sheriff’s office that one of your employees has been arrested on charges of sexually assaulting children. Do you know how many children he molested in your program? Was anyone else involved? Have you told the parents yet? How are the children doing?

Now what? So many questions and so much at stake. How should I respond to the reporter? Did my employee molest children in my program? What about the victims? Should I contact parents? My board? The police?

Hopefully, you’ve never had to face this crisis and you never will. But preparing ahead of time will help you avoid making a bad situation even worse.

Praesidium’s Reputational Risk Management service includes three components:

  • Crisis Management Response Plan. A systematic, written plan will be developed for your organization. This custom-designed response identifies triggers that activate the plan, dictates who executes which steps and when, includes press releases and sample correspondence for parents, and outlines protocols for conducting an internal investigation to identify potential gaps in organizational policies or practices that may affect liability.
  • 24-Hour On-Call Crisis Line. Immediately after something happens may be the most crucial time you need assistance. Contact us and a Praesidium representative will respond within an hour of your call, ready to act as a sounding board, walk through the implementation of your Crisis Management Response Plan, fine tune your statements for the media—everything you need to effectively manage your situation.
  • Ongoing Support. Just when you think the dust has settled, you may face myriad questions about what went wrong, what can be done to prevent a recurrence, steps your organization must take to restore faith and trust, how your employees are faring, and whether you are likely to face litigation. Praesidium’s experts have helped hundreds of organizations through these issues and will continue to assist you throughout the entire process.

Contact us to learn more about our Reputational Risk Management services or to schedule training for your board and leadership team.