Your organization is at risk.

Every organization that puts one person in charge of another runs the risk that a child or vulnerable adult will be sexually abused by an employee, a volunteer, a member of the clergy, or by another program participant.

Thankfully, we know how to prevent this from happening in your organization.

Now in our third decade, Praesidium has worked with more than 4,000 organizations, serving a vast array of populations: youth development and mentoring; social service; schools, colleges, and universities; camps; youth sports; child care; churches and ministries; nursing homes and assisted living; organizations serving adults and youths with disabilities; hospitality, cruise lines, and fitness centers; water and amusement parks; and even fast food and retail.

We tailor our services to precisely fit your needs and exposures. Find your industry below to learn more or click here for information on our products and services.


     The New York Foundling Hospital has worked closely with Praesidium for almost a decade, helping to ensure that our programs have in place the highest standards in client safety. We have maintained Praesidium Accreditation status for more than six years and benefit from Praesidium’s onsite visits, online training, and technical consultation. The Foundling operates a wide range of programs including education, foster care, camp, MRDD, and outpatient counseling and the experts at Praesidium understand each of these. Praesidium’s dedicated staff are consummate professionals and truly the experts in organizational abuse prevention. We are proud to have them as our partner in client safety.

Bill Baccaglini
President and Chief Executive Officer, The New York Foundling

     Providing a safe and healthy environment is one of the most important elements in the formation process of our students. Oak International approached Praesidium with this goal in mind, and through their experience and assistance we are accomplishing this goal. Praesidium continues to be instrumental in identifying weaknesses in our program and helping us establish the necessary procedures and protocols for our academies.

Ignacio Bono
Risk Manager, Oak International Academies