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News and Press

The latest from Praesidium and our clients

As part of Praesidium’s commitment to the prevention of abuse in organizations, we eagerly share what we know and do through articles, webinars, whitepapers, and at conferences and workshops across the country. Below is a list of recent articles and press releases featuring Praesidium and our clients.

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Praesidium Report 2021

Praesidium releases its annual report on sexual abuse management of vulnerable populations  The Praesidium Report© details the impact of COVID-19 in mitigating risks and actionable recommendations to prevent abuse   Arlington, Texas – Praesidium, a national leader in risk management of sexual abuse of vulnerable populations, has released its 2021 Praesidium Report©. The report detailsRead More

Tips for Effective Interviews

For decades, employers have depended on interviews to make hiring decisions. While additional hiring tools available today include pre-hire assessments and Application Tracking Software (ATS), interviews remain an effective standard practice in hiring for good reasons. This process of meeting with a potential candidate allows you to have a conversation with them like no otherRead More

Everything You Need to Know About the Safe Sport Act

What is the Safe Sport Act?  The Protecting Young Victims from Sexual Abuse and Safe Sport Authorization Act of 2017 was created in reaction to the abuse found various youth sports organizations, including USA Gymnastics. This act will create new a standard of care that will affect youth-serving organizations across the country. The purpose of theRead More

Praesidium Celebrates 25 Years of Service

A milestone is fast approaching for Praesidium as it celebrates its 25th anniversary on March 16, 2017. Praesidium was founded in 1992 in Dallas, Texas after a volunteer coach at a local youth-serving organization repeatedly sexually abused a 9-year-old boy. Frustrated and angry, board members demanded to know what could be done to prevent such aRead More

Teresa Kellendonk of the Archdiocese of Edmonton Achieves Praesidium Guardian™ Certification

ARLINGTON, Texas (April 25, 2016) We are proud to announce Teresa Kellendonk of the Archdiocese of Edmonton as our newest Certified Praesidium Guardian! Teresa has developed a comprehensive training curriculum for clergy in the Archdiocese of Edmonton.  Recognizing what a vital role clergy play in successfully implementing their abuse prevention initiative and for sustaining a cultureRead More

Praesidium Announces its Newest Online Training Course

Modern technologies have revolutionized the way we communicate. To help you protect the youths in your care when using online communication, Praesidium has developed its newest course, Social Media Safety. Participants learn the unique risks present in social media and electronic communication, and the policies and best practices to implement in their organization to reduceRead More

New York Foundling VP of Quality Assurance & Program Development Achieves Praesidium Guardian™ Certification

ARLINGTON, Texas (April 4, 2016) Praesidium is proud to announce Shanna Gumaer has completed her Praesidium Guardian™ Certification. In her role as Vice President of Quality Assurance and Program Development for The New York Foundling, Shanna has masterfully enhanced her organization’s current responding measures for incidents and allegations of abuse. For her Work and Learn Assignment,Read More

Preventing Sexual Abuse in Organizations Starts with the Screening Process

Recently, Praesidium’s Account Manager of Schools, Angelique Dale, contributed to the Public Risk Management Association (PRIMA)  blog discussing steps schools should take to ensure their hiring process screens for abuse risk in applicants. Check out the article on PRIMA’s blog here! For more information on Praesidium’s services for schools, click here.

Director of Child Protection for Covenant House International becomes a Certified Praesidium Guardian™!

ARLINGTON, Texas (March 14, 2016) Praesidium is proud to announce Amanda Gerson has earned her Praesidium Guardian™ Certification. In her role as Director of Child Protection for Covenant House International and their federation of youth-serving sites, and as a part of her Praesidium Gurardian Certification Work and Learn Assignment, Amanda has diligently spearheaded policy and proceduralRead More

Senior Director of Child Abuse Prevention for YMCA of the USA Achieves Praesidium Guardian™ Certification!

ARLINGTON, Texas (March 11, 2016) Praesidium is pleased to announce that Anne Calvo, Senior Director of Child Abuse Prevention for YMCA of the USA, has completed her Praesidium Guardian™ Certification. Anne’s Work and Learn Assignment explored the use of libertarian paternalism theory of nudging human behaviors to help prevent child sexual abuse at YMCAs, andRead More